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South Dakota Highway and Travel Information

South Dakota has more than 82,000 miles of roadways including interstates and state highways. Access the traveler info page for construction and weather conditions on each road. Travelers can also call “511” for toll-free information about weather and road conditions.


Interstate 90 (east/west) and Interstate 29 (north/south) are the primary travel routes across South Dakota. Both rural interstates have speed limits of 75 mph with a minimum speed of 40 mph. When traveling through urban areas such as Sioux Falls and Rapid City, this speed limit is reduced.

Motorcycle rider in South Dakota

Secondary Highways

South Dakota also offers numerous secondary highways with speed limits of 65 mph unless otherwise posted (speeds can range from 55-70 mph). Some of the most popular highways include Hwy 281 (north/south), Hwy 12 (east/west), Hwy 212 (east/west), Hwy 18 (east/west), Hwy 83 (north/south), Hwy 34 (east/west) and Hwy 14 (east/west).

Many scenic highways wind through the Black Hills region and offer beautiful rides for motorcycling enthusiasts. Please note that these highways have reduced speeds due to bridges, curves and limited visibility. To see these routes firsthand, visit the interactive riding map.

City Streets

City streets in South Dakota have limits of 25 mph unless otherwise posted. All school zones and obstructed intersections are 15 mph.

Seat Belt and Helmet Laws

Seat belts are required for the driver and front seat passengers, as well as any occupant 17 years old and under. There is not a helmet law in South Dakota.